Bachelorette Party Ideas Your Besties Will Love

Sep 20, 2019

Some of us grow up dreaming about the day we walk down the aisle. Others, on the other hand, count down the days ’till their dream bachelorette party with their girls! Bachelorette parties are the perfect way to have one last hoorah with your besties before tying the knot. Some brides get a little nervous as the wedding day approaches, and spending a night (or weekend) with your girls is a perfect way to set your stress at ease. If you’re looking for some ideas to start planning the perfect bachelorette party, we’ve got you covered! Keep reading for some helpful tips for planning the perfect night out with your girls!


First thing’s first: location. Maybe there has been a close-knit place where only you and your girls go! Think back to when most memories were made, and where you have had the most fun. Maybe you want to go somewhere new. You can even make the bachelorette party a whole beach week trip. Everyone loves a beach week, right? If your girls are into the party sceneMiami, Austin, and Nashville are at the top of the list right now. If youre looking a more relaxed scene, book a cozy rental lake house!


You want to invite people to your bachelorette party who will be present the whole time and celebrate you! Of course, the first step is inviting your bridal party. Then thoughts like, I dont want to exclude anyone may occur. Its simple to narrow the list when you think about this: who do YOU want to spend it with? You are the bride, who do you want by your side?


Depending on location, there is so much to do at bachelorette parties! Games can really liven up the party, especially ones that people will want to play. The game most likely to is always fun, it gets everyone laughing and reminiscing on old times. Or, you could play fun drinking games! If you dont know any, one of your besties will. Get dressed up and take the fun out to a bar! Think about doing a bar crawl scavenger hunt. A little competition never hurt anyone, and it will make the night memorable!


My absolute favorite stepTHEMED parties! There are so many options when choosing a theme. You want to make sure its extra, but easy enough that people actually dress up. Talk to your girls and decide who is bringing what decorations. Set up a party banner, confetti poppers, and huge balloons! Think about having a wig out party. These can be super fun and easy to dress up for. Throw on a fun-colored wig and take some hilarious photos! Are you doing feathers or glitter? Buy matching cups, shirts, or swimsuits that say team bride or bridesmaid!” Photo op props are a must because lets be honest, if you don’t insta it, did it really happen?! Follow this guide on the best bachelorette party ideas and you are bound to have a night to remember with your girls! Have you found the perfect bridesmaids dresses yet? If not, find out more about our bridesmaids party experience