Are You A Boho Bride?

Aug 6, 2021

Today, we’re going through all of the ways to tell whether or not you’re a boho bride! We’ll go through the 6 ways to tell if you are one, the differences between a boho wedding and a rustic wedding, some boho wedding dress inspiration, and some upcoming events for boho brides!


Here are some surefire ways to tell whether or not you’re a boho bride!

1. Your dream wedding venue is outside.

When you picture your perfect wedding, you most likely are picturing it somewhere outdoors. You want a breathtaking setting for pictures. Maybe it’s a national park, or maybe it’s a garden! Even if you don’t want an outdoor wedding, you’ll most likely choose an industrial venue or a modern barn. If you’re a local boho bride, you might choose a venue such as Vignon Manor FarmDeer Creek Overlook, or Spring Hill Manor.

2. You prefer to keep your wedding look simple.

In most ways, you want your wedding look to stay as simple as possible. This doesn’t necessarily mean that you don’t want any glitz and glam, but you prefer to keep things more minimal. This might mean that you’ll wear little to no makeup, sandals instead of heels, or braided hair rather than a fancy updo or intense curls.

3. You gravitate toward flowy wedding dresses.

If you’re a boho bride, then you might gravitate toward flowy wedding dresses! This probably doesn’t mean that you’ll end up with a ballgown, but you might prefer more of a flowy skirt than a tight or fitted one. We’ll give you some dress inspiration a little later on!

4. Flower crown > diamond tiara

A boho bride will most likely prefer a flower crown or more delicate hair accessories over, say, a diamond tiara. Many boho brides also opt out of a veil (but many still choose to wear one). Here is some accessory inspiration. If you are loving it, then you might be a boho bride!

You can find these accessories at Faye Daniel Designs! They are our in-house jewelry & accessories shop here at the Be More Inspired Wedding Studio.

5. You want to look beautiful and feel sexy, but also comfortable

If one of your priorities is to stay comfortable, then you might be a boho bride! Even if you aren’t a boho bride you will at least love boho style wedding dresses. They are lightweight and flowy, which gives you a ton of comfort!

6. You prefer your groom to stay away from a standard tux

You might be a boho bride if you want your groom to wear something other than a traditional tux. Maybe you want him to wear a vintage suede suit? Or a dress shirt and khakis?


Rustic weddings and boho weddings are both super popular nowadays. But what’s the difference? The two styles definitely have some crossover, but there are significant differences, too! Rustic weddings tend to be more natural with a lot of organic and outdoor elements. Boho weddings tend to be more alternative and eclectic… think free-spirited!


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