Are Veils A Thing Of The Past?

Nov 27, 2017


Every bride has that moment. The moment she is wearing her favorite dress, looking at herself in the mirror contemplating if this is her dress. Then she hears the magic words from her bridal stylist: Would you like to see some veils? This question may seem a little daunting. You may question yourself: Do I want to wear a veil? Can I picture myself walking down the aisle wearing a veil? Does it go with my wedding dress? Some brides already know when they walk in the door that they want a veil,  and others might still be undecided. So many factors go into deciding whether or not to wear a veil: is it old fashioned? Would a hairpiece look better? Does a veil work my theme? It can be a little overwhelming to pick a dress let alone a veil but that is why we are here to help. Lets start with why veils became an essential accessory. In ancient times a veil was worn to protect the bride from evil spirits before she was married. The lifting of a veil was an ancient wedding ritual where the groom was first taking possession of his new wife and officially showing him the bride for the first time. It was bad luck to see the bride before the wedding! Fast forward to modern times, veils are still worn today with all kinds of personal twists and styles!

If you are planning on wearing a veil

Wearing a veil is a tried and true wedding day essential. There are some dos and donts when it comes to wearing a veil. For a bride there are many options when choosing a veil, almost too many! You have to decide if you want a long or short,with a blusher or without a blusher, beaded, laced, or plain edged veil; the list goes on and on. Choosing a veil depends on the dress you choose, your personality, and the theme of your wedding. And who doesn’t love a good picture of your veil blowing in the wind?Your veil does not have to match your dress exactly, you can pull certain elements into your veil that is on your dress like pearls, crystal beading, lace etc. Just make sure your veil does not compete too much with you dress, it should compliment it nicely.

If you are not planning on wearing a veil

If youre not into the tradition of wearing a veil on your wedding day that is totally fine, it is your choice. Some brides like to uphold the tradition and for some brides it is not their style. You may be trading in a veil for a floral crown or sparkly hairpiece. Many brides find their distaste with veils because they can be a nuisance, getting in the way, messing up your makeup, blowing around in the wind. Ain’t nobody got time for that on their wedding day. There are many alternatives to wearing a veil. You can jazz up your hair with a pretty comb, hair pins, or a floral headband. And you can customize your headpiece to match the dress exactly! Who wouldn’t love that?

Be open to trying both

Most of the time brides do not know what they want initially. Just like trying on dresses, you should be open to trying on different styles including both veils and headpieces. You never know what you might end up liking and you could surprise yourself. But dont let anyone force you to wear something you do not want to wear, whether it is a veil or a headpiece. If you dont want to wear a family member’s veil then you dont have to! If you love a certain veil but your entourage doesnt love it, get it anyway. Remember, as a bride this is your day, not theirs. Do what makes sense for you and your wedding! Happy wedding planning! If you haven’t found your dress or if you need help picking out a veil we would love to schedule an appointment for you! Not sure how to do your hair for a veil or headpiece? Check our blog to get inspired by the latest hair trends!