A Full Guide To Wedding Dress Necklines

Dec 16, 2020

Wedding dress shopping can certainly be overwhelming. There are so many different wedding dress silhouettes, wedding dress necklines, and wedding dress styles, that it is challenging to figure out what you want. Today, we’re going to go through various wedding dress necklines so that you can get a better idea of what you might like… or not like!


Here are some of the most popular wedding dress necklines! We’ll tell you a little bit about each one, who they’re best for, some jewelry and hair ideas to pair with them, and pictures of a few of our favorites!

Strapless: sweetheart or straight-across

Strapless necklines are one of, if not the, most popular wedding dress necklines! A strapless neckline can either be straight-across or a sweetheart style. They are likely so popular because they are universally flattering and incredibly versatile! Strapless necklines tend to accentuate your decolletage and collarbones. Who it’s best for: If you’re looking for a dress that will be flattering to broader shoulders, then you might want to choose a straight-across strapless cut! If you’re looking for a dress to accentuate your bustline, then you might want to go for a sweetheart strapless neckline! Jewelry ideas: Choosing a strapless neckline gives you a lot of flexibility when it comes to jewelry. For necklaces, you’ll want to choose something with a length and shape that keeps the focus on your collarbones. In most cases, this will mean a shorter necklace. If you have a dress with a lot of embellishments, then you might want to choose a more simple necklace. If you have a simple gown, then go with a statement necklace! If you choose to not wear a necklace at all, then we suggest a pair of chandelier earrings. Hair ideas: A strapless neckline also gives you a lot of flexibility with your hairstyle. You can choose pretty much anything that you want! If you want to keep your shoulders accentuated, then you will probably want to choose an updo or side-swept look. If not, the possibilities are endless! Our favorite options: Here are some of our favorite wedding gowns with a strapless neckline! Maggie Sottero Mitchell Marie

Martin Thornburg Katharine

Lillian West 66067 


Bateau necklines are also known as boatneck necklines. These are the epitome of classic and demure! They are also a royal favorite The Duchess of Sussex chose a gown with a bateau neckline and long sleeves! Who it’s best for: A bateau neckline is great for brides who want a more classic feel to their wedding dress. The bateau neckline stops at your collarbone and has a wider opening, skimming the top of your shoulders. It also features your decolletage. Jewelry ideas: Because bateau necklines are a bit higher to the neck, we suggest either foregoing a necklace or choosing one that is simple, short, and dainty. Instead, go for some glamorous drop earrings, or even a tiara! If you feel like a tiara is too over the top, then you can always opt for a small hairpiece instead. Hair ideas: We think that a sleek updo or ponytail is the best option for a bateau neckline! Our favorite options: Here are some of our favorite wedding dresses with a bateau (or boatneck) neckline. Sophia Tolli Bianca

Justin Alexander 8936

Justin Alexander 88038


An illusion neckline gives the appearance of a strapless dress (hence the name), but it offers more support and coverage than a strapless dress would! It has sheer, soft fabric that will extend from the top of the bodice and over the shoulders. Who it’s best for: Because an illusion dress offers more support and coverage, it is very popular with brides who have a fuller bust. They also create an elongating effect that would be excellent for petite brides! Jewelry ideas: With an illusion neckline, you may want to try and steer clear of necklaces. They can snag the very delicate fabric that comes along with an illusion dress. Most times, they clash with the detailing of an illusion dress, too. Instead, drop earrings or a sparkly hair accessory! Hair ideas: Most illusion dresses have a dramatic back. If this is the case, you’ll probably want to have your hair in an updo so that you can show off the gorgeous detailing! After all, that was probably one of the biggest reasons that you chose the dress. Loose braids often look gorgeous when paired with illusion necklines, too. Our favorite options: Here are some of our favorite wedding dresses with an illusion neckline! Maggie Sottero Lydia

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Square necklines are most often paired with thick, sleeveless straps. They give off a super chic look, especially with gowns that have a structured fabric, like crepe! Who it’s best for: Brides who are looking for a retro vibe from their wedding dress will likely fall in love with a square neckline! Jewelry ideas: Brides who have a dress with a square neckline often have trouble trying to decide what necklace to pair with it. We suggest one that is more round or u-shaped. These keep the neckline open without creating a stiff look! Hair ideas: Dresses with a square neckline look gorgeous with short hair that is straight or wavy! If you have long hair, we think that it looks gorgeous straight, down slicked back behind your shoulder. Our favorite options: Here are some of our favorite wedding dresses with a square neckline. Lillian West 66152

Lillian West 66161

neckline. Lillian West 66152

lillian west 66152

Lillian West 66161

lillian west 66161


Off-the-shoulder wedding dresses are a more unique neckline option. It is the perfect way to highlight your shoulders and collarbones! Who it’s best for: Off-the-shoulder wedding dresses are perfect for summer weddings, especially beach or destination weddings. Jewelry ideas: The shorter the necklace, the better! Collar or choker-length will be ideal. This will draw the focus to your face! Stick to something simple so that you don’t overpower the neckline, like a strand of pearls or dainty pendant. Hair ideas: Don’t cover up your shoulder with your hair! A soft updo with wavy accent pieces framing the face or loose braids will be perfect for an off-the-shoulder dress. Our favorite options: Here are some of our favorite wedding dresses with an off-the-shoulder neckline! Sophia Tolli Maddie

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elysee helene


V-neck wedding dresses have been popular for a few decades now. They are timeless! Who it’s best for: V-neck necklines can be perfect for petite and oval-shape brides because they are incredibly elongating! Jewelry ideas: A lot of brides with a v-neckline dress prefer to have no necklace to let the neckline work its full magic. But that is completely up to you! If you choose to forego the necklace, you might want to wear drop earrings and a sparkly bracelet! Hair ideas: We feel like any hairstyle will look great with a v-neckline! Our favorite options: Here are some of our favorite wedding dresses with a v-neckline. Maggie Sottero Nadia

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Finally, we have the plunging neckline. This is a more dramatic version of a v-neck they will show some skin and typically go down to your ribs, sometimes even further! Who it’s best for: A plunging neckline is perfect for the risk-taking bride who wants to feel super sexy on her wedding day! Jewelry ideas: A plunging neckline gives you the perfect opportunity to wear a long, delicate necklace to accentuate it! If your neckline is already super embellished, then you might want to choose some statement earrings instead. Hair ideas: You might want to choose an updo to let the neckline details take center stage! Our favorite options: Here are some of our favorite wedding dresses with a plunging neckline! Sophia Tolli Kalani

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If this gave you a better idea of what you’re looking for in a wedding dress, book an appointment today! Even if you still aren’t sure, it’s always a good idea to make an appointment so that you can start trying on different styles!