4 Ways To Show Your Partner That You Love Them

Jun 12, 2019

By the time youre getting married, your honeymoon is coming up but the honeymoon phase of your relationship is long over. Or is it? We believe that marriage is an expression of love, and love grows and changes. But sometimes you just want to go back to the beginning and we have some great suggestions for how to show your partner that you love them.

Write A Love Note

First of all, lets go old school. Remember in class, throwing a note to your crush? Practice your vows with some sweet love notes! Share with them over dinner or leave them around for your partner to find. The bathroom mirror or the fridge. Its always nice to leave a sweet message next to the grocery list for milk. Sharing the little moments in life and making them sweeter is what its all about right?

Pick Out A Wedding Dress Your Fiance Will Love

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Practice Your PDA

You know how you go to a movie theater and there are always sixteen year olds making out in the back row? You can be those 16 year olds! Its easy to grow up and grow out of old habits but theres nothing wrong with revisiting history, especially together.

Go Back to Your Special Place

Every couple has one! Whats yours? Is it the place that you met, the place where you got engaged or just an extra special date spot that you share? As you anticipate the next step in your lives together, it can be a great moment to consider how far the two have come together. Sometimes its so crazy to realize the twists and turns that life takes you through when you werent paying attention. And now youre getting married!

How Do You Show Your Partner You Love Them?

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