4 Reasons Why You Still Want A Travel Agent

Apr 3, 2019

In this day and age, it can be easy to think I dont need a travel agent. Ill just google it! And you totally can, but travel agents give you so much more than google ever can. Theres something to be said about having a real live person to talk to – if you have to call your cable company, nobody wants to talk to the robo-operator when talking to a person makes things so much easier. A travel agent is just like that! With a travel agent you get to talk about wonderful things like your destination wedding or your honeymoon!

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You Have Someone to Help Make Your Day Special

Hi, youre getting married. Congratulations! When you book things online, Expedia doesnt care that this is an incredibly important time of your life. You know who does care? Thats right, your travel agent! She can call ahead and let your hotel know that youre a newly married, or almost married couple. You never know what kind of perks can come from that!

You Get To See The Best Sights

Your travel agent knows the area that youre going to for your special day and vacations. She can recommend the top sights to go see, as well as hidden gems that not even google knows about! She can also talk to you about what you and your partner enjoy, and what places are extra lovely for romantic dates.

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You Have Someone to Call

Things can get dicey when you travel. Things happen that no one can predict, and can quickly be complicated by the fact that maybe you dont speak the language, or you need a hotel room right now and the hotel has lost your reservation but they have to find. If you have a travel agent, these things are less likely to happen. And if they do, you have someone to fix it!

You Dont Have to Worry About the Budget

If youre honest with your travel agent about your budget, then you dont have to do the math ten times as you book fun excursions and price shop for different hotels. Your travel agent can handle all of that! Its one less thing to worry about as you make decisions about one of the most important days of your life.

Are You Planning to Call a Travel Agent For Your Dream Wedding?

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