3 Ways To Get Your Perfect Dress Today! (Sort Of)

Jun 9, 2018

In a perfect world every bride would have unlimited time and funds to plan her perfect wedding. Unfortunately, although we may dream otherwise, life will not stop for wedding planners. In fact, life has an annoying habit of getting crazy busy all at once so that youre trying to plan a wedding and buy a house/start a new job/pick up and move across the country all at the same time. Suddenly, youre not sure how but you have a short engagement! You may have planned for a long engagement but life has other ideas in mind and now youre scrambling to put together a wedding in a hurry while maintaining a high standard of beauty. Or maybe you just cant wait to get married so youre having a shorter engagement. Either way, never fear! K&B is here! One thing that surprises a lot of brides when they begin the planning process is just how long a wedding dress can take to arrive. With traditional designers, each dress is cut to order and the turnaround time, especially if a bride wants custom work done, can typically be up to six months! And then if youd like any alterations done- and we all want to look our best on our wedding day- you need three more months! It makes sense, because each dress is cut for you and you want your seamstress to do a good job making your dress perfect. However, not everybody has that much time before their wedding

short engagement? try Maggie Sottero's priority dress program1. Rush Shipping

Luckily many designers are realizing that everyone’s situations are different and theyre beginning to shorten their lead time. Maggie Sottero for instance has her priority gown program, where specific gowns have stock available for immediate shipment. It can be difficult enough finding your dream gown. Factoring in a time limit can make it seem almost impossible. Luckily a bridal stylist can help. If youre loving the flirty romance of the Maggie look, they can check sizes and availability for you to get your gown without delay. If you have a while before your wedding, but not like, that much time, it might be a good idea to talk to your stylist about rush shipping. Each designer has different policies and fees around that, but if you have a couple of months to play with, it might be a good choice.

2. Ready-To-Wear

Another great option is K&B’s ready-to-wear section. Perfect for a bride whose wedding is right around the corner, or the bride who doesnt want to fuss around with shipping, these are dresses you can take home the day you try them on! Often these are gowns exclusive to our store or they are gowns that have been discontinued by the designer. If youre a bride looking for a truly unique look, these dresses are perfect for you. We also offer a ready-to-wear gown care package to make sure you’re taking home the most beautiful version of your dress. This includes professional cleaning, a heavy-duty fabric garment bag, and steaming and inspection by a stylist before your big day. These are all things your gown is going to want anyway, and purchasing them separately will cost you $255 dollars. However, in the gown care package, it’s only $199! Save money and get a gorgeous gown, all in one day! The summer wedding season is beginning to pick up and as of writing this, our ready to wear section has just gotten a fresh infusion of dresses as we begin preparations for a new season of gowns. Its the perfect time to pick up a designer dress at a heavily discounted price!

3. Shh, it’s really a bridesmaid dress

Another quick option for a wedding dress is to order a bridesmaid gown rather than a traditional bridal gown. This is a great choice for a bride who is looking for something a little lighter already, for a destination or low-key wedding. You can order a huge variety of bridesmaid dresses in ivory, or a light blush color. They typically take two to three months to arrive instead of four to six. This great option from Sorella Vita has a satin top that makes it a touch more bridal while remaining lightweight. Yes, you still need a little lead time on them. However, the fact that many if not most of them are train-less mean that they dont require a bustle put in. They can be altered much quicker that way. And drum roll please … theyre cheaper too!

With all of these options, its easier than ever to get your dream dress no matter if you have a long or short engagement.

But if youve read this far and youre thinking hey this sounds like me. I should probably look for a dress. Then definitely schedule an appointment today! More time is always better than less, so you can make an unhurried decision. Just because youre getting married soon doesnt mean you have to get married in a rush. This is a one time process and you should enjoy every single moment of it. Thats something thats so easy to forget in the planning whirlwind so if youre reading this, take a second. Think about how you feel. Youre getting married! Yay! Now, find your perfect dress for your perfect day!