2022 Wedding Color Trends

Jul 14, 2021

One of the first things that a couple typically thinks about when planning their wedding are the colors. Your wedding colors have a huge impact on a lot of different aspects of your wedding day, from the flowers to the bridesmaids dresses to the signage! 

As we get closer to 2022, we wanted to help our couples out by letting you know the color palettes that are going to be popular for 2022 weddings! While you can absolutely choose any color palette that you want (you don’t have to follow the “trends”), it can be really helpful to see what’s popular to get the ideas rolling in your head!


Here are the color palettes that we think will be most popular for 2022 weddings! Many of these will probably continue to be popular through 2023, as well.

 Deep Sea + Tan + Mustard

These colors give off a very ethereal vibe! They are the perfect combination of whimsical and romantic.

Good bridesmaid colors for this palette would be: 

  • Jasmine’s “deep sea”
  • Jasmine’s “almond”
  • Jasmine’s “canary”
  • Kanali K’s “daisy”
  • Kanali K’s “oyster”
  • Kanali Ks “ice blue”

Emerald + Dusty Rose + Gold

Jewel tones are insanely popular right now! This combo can work for all seasons. Adding the emerald to the other two colors adds some formality.

Good bridesmaid colors for this palette would be: 

  • Jasmine’s “emerald” or “lagoon”
  • Jasmine’s “rose”
  • Jasmine’s “gold” or “light gold”
  • Kanali K’s “emerald”
  • Kanali K’s “dusty rose”
  • Kanali K’s “gold”

Mustard + Green + Mauve

This will be a very popular color combination for the fall months! They are very easy to accent against each other. Having a lot of greenery incorporated throughout your wedding will keep your day super timeless and chic!

Good bridesmaid colors for this palette would be: 

  • Jasmine’s “canary”
  • Jasmine’s “lucky clover” or “celadon”
  • Jasmine’s “gardenia”
  • Kanali K’s “daisy”
  • Kanali K’s “emerald” or “sage”
  • Kanali K’s “primrose”

Dusty Blue + Blush

This color combo is very romantic and calming… which is absolutely perfect for a wedding! They will give your wedding a very bright and open feeling. These colors are ideal for spring, especially in a rustic or barn venue!

Good bridesmaid colors for this palette would be: 

  • Jasmine’s “arctic water” or “azure”
  • Jasmine’s “new shell pink” or “sweet pea”
  • Kanali K’s “dusty blue”
  • Kanali K’s “blush”


Finally, why not make a statement and choose various colors of the rainbow? Choose 3-5 colors and incorporate them throughout the details of your wedding day! Your flowers will be a great place to bring all of the colors together. Having various colors will give your wedding a fun & casual vibe… like a festival!

Need help choosing your colors? We can help! Contact us to book a bridesmaid styling appointment to figure out your colors.