2019 Tux Trends For Your Best Guy

Sep 4, 2018

2019 Tux Trends

After finding your wedding dress, theres one other very important member of the party to dress- the groom! And all the grooms guys of course. As your wedding day tiptoes closer, its time to start thinking about bridal party attire. But dont worry about totally shooting in the dark; we have the all the info you need for the snazziest 2019 tux trends around. Your guy and all your guys guys will look fantastic for his big day! Here are some tux trends to keep an eye out for the rest of 2018 and into 2019! Know what you want already?  Make an appointment with our tux expert for a fitting and color consultation. Plus, he’s just a cool guy to talk to. Stay tuned until the end for our special September promotion! Okay, now trends!  

White Jacket

Hello Hollywood! This style evokes the glamour and sparkle of Old Hollywood. While its elegance makes it a great choice for an evening wedding, the lighter color means it is also stays cooler in the heat. Perfect for out by the water or under the dance floor lights!  Worried about matching the bride? Accent with dark colors! Burgundy Accents For a winter wedding, burgundy is the perfect color choice. Whether youre using it as an accent color, or go all out with a burgundy suit, this rich warm tone will look perfect next to an ivory or white gown. Burgundy is a huge color for this year and the next, but it’s also a time-honored look that will look fabulous whenever you pull out the wedding photos in the years to come! If youre interested in seeing what these 2019 tux trends look like all together, check out the Jims Formal Wear Build a Tux Online tool, so that you can mix and match to create the perfect style for  you.

Navy Suit

Navy is such a classic color, and classic never goes out of style! It’s a fantastic color for suits as it is a little more casual than the traditional black, while still remaining formal enough for a wedding. The color makes it perfect for outdoor weddings, and summer weddings, and really just all weddings! It’s a great style and the more casual nature works well for guys who aren’t used to wearing suits on a daily basis.

Interested in one of these awesome styles? For the month of September, when you rent a suit or tuxedo package for your wedding, you get 50% off the shoe upgrade price and get a FREE shirt upgrade! Make sure you make an appointment so that you get a chance to talk to our tux expert! Get the best fit and style for your guys.  Still looking for your dream dress? Check out these three new Lillian West gowns that were in love with! Looking for even more inspiration around tuxes? Here are our 2017 trends!