10 Ways To Make This Valentines Day The Best Valentines Day

Feb 13, 2019

Happy Valentines Day! We love this holiday – a day to celebrate love! Whether youre newly engaged or days away from the wedding, this Valentines Day is a special one in your wedding journey. After all, it might be the only one you get as fiances. For the next one, youll be married! Thats so exciting! Here are our ideas to have the best Valentines Day yet.

1. Write Love Notes to One Another

This is such a fun activity to do together, and it can be a way to celebrate your love all year long! You and your fiance can spend the evening together, writing down things that you love about each other and store them to pull out and read throughout the year. Pick up an adorable mason jar and keep the notes on the kitchen counter as an added reminder of your love for each other!

2. Go Out For Breakfast

Valentines Day dinner is a lot of pressure. Getting a reservation, getting dressed up, its definitely built up to be a romantic evening and it can be hard to live up to those expectations. Plus, Valentines Day is a Thursday this year, and thats almost Friday but not really. Bypass all that pressure and go out for breakfast instead! Likely there will be a lot less of a wait, and less people around, so it can be all about you!

3. Day Trip

The beauty of living in Baltimore is that there are tons of fun places to visit and theyre all nearby, so you can take a day trip. Go up to New York or explore DC! Whether cities are your thing, or you prefer the countryside, plan an excursion for you and your fiance. Isnt it so great to live in a place where theres always something new to explore?

4. Take the Weekend Away in the Mountains

A day trip not enough romance for you? Take the whole weekend! February is the perfect time to go into the mountains. Its still cold enough for snow but the days are longer. Its a little chilly for camping, but the perfect weather to rent a cabin, build a fire and ignore the outside world for a little while. Stay cozy!

5. Watch the Sunset

We get it. Life gets busy; maybe theres not enough time to do a whole romantic shebang this year. Make some time to meet up after work and watch the sunset together. A few minutes in your day to spend together and with nature can be just as special as a fancy evening out.

6. Have a Photo Shoot Date

Planning your engagement photos? Make them extra romantic with a Valentines Day theme! Red clothing, heart shaped balloons, even pink lipstick add a special touch to the photos! Check out Anne Casey Photography, and talk to Anne, one of our Be More Inspired wedding studio partners. We love her photos and she loves helping capture romance!

7. Go On Your First Date Again

Personalize your Valentines date by going on your very first all over again! It can be crazy how your lives and relationships change over time, and sometimes we dont realize how much until we look back. Maybe you live in a different part of the city now, or are doing different jobs. Recapture some of those first date thrills with a look into your past!

8. Make Gingerbread Houses

Yes, gingerbread houses are definitely thought of more as a Christmas thing but now theyre on sale! Gingerbread houses are a fun crafty activity; theyre delicious when you dont have to worry about leaving them out until after Christmas Day!

9. Go to the Theater

Movie theater, opera, live theater, whatever kind of theater, its a fun excuse to dress up! There are some wonderful theaters around, from the Hippodrome theater to the corner movie center. Pop open a bottle of champagne, pull out the high heels and have a fantastic night on the town!

10. Stay In

At the end of the day, Valentines Day is a day thats special for the two of you. Sit on the couch, drink a bottle of wine and take some time to reflect on your relationship and where its going in the future. And then watch a cheesy movie! This day was made for cheesy movies.

Have the Very Best Valentine’s Day

No matter what you choose to do, we hope that you have the very best Valentines Day this year and all the years to come! Liked this post? Check out the best times to go on your honeymoon and plan more romantic getaways!