wedding tuxedos

Wedding Tuxedos

As stunning as she looks, she needs a date to match. We understand you need to look your best with her on your arm, and we are here to help you with that.

At K&B Bridals, we pride ourselves on helping grooms and groomsmen find the perfect wedding tuxedos to match every bride’s vision. Men of all ages and sizes can be fitted for tuxedos at K&B. We will check the fit before any final decisions have been made to ensure everyone is satisfied with their tux.

We believe the overall style of the wedding should be reflected in the choice of tuxedos. If you are planning a more contemporary wedding, super light weight luxury wool tuxedos are a smart choice because they are comfortable on the skin. If you are going for a traditional, formal wedding, a sleek black coat with matching trousers and a white pique vest and tie are always a classy choice. Whatever style you choose for your wedding, our large selection of tuxedos and helpful staff will make sure you and your groomsmen look your absolute best on the big day.

Have out of town groomsmen? No problem! We will take measurements over the phone or via email for out of town wedding party members.

Our Tuxedo Providers

For your convenience, check out the Build a Tux online tool from Jim’s Formal Wear to personally select every piece of your wedding ensemble before your fitting!
“5 stars for K&B Bridal. Not only did they have exactly what I wanted, but they had an excellent seamstress, beautiful accessories and very friendly staff. We purchased my wedding gown and rented my father’s tuxedo from K&B and everything was flawless.”  ~ Jillian